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Fashion Eyewear & Contact Lenses in Lewistown, PA

The Opti-Center

At Burns Eye Care we have quality frames and lenses to meet every function and lifestyle, from designer frames and specialty lenses to economy packages.

Not finding the frame you had in mind? Ask Donna. If It’s made, we can get it!

We believe that there’s no one better qualified to MAKE your glasses than the ones who PRESCRIBED them!

We know you, we know your eyes, and we know your vision needs.

Contact Lenses – Evaluation and Fitting Procedures

Determining the suitability, eye parameters, and optical criteria needed for the successful and long-term use of contact lenses is called a Contact Lens Fitting Procedure. At Burns Eye Care we believe in the importance of getting off to a good start by taking the necessary time to ‘do it right.’

For this reason, the doctors work from an inventory of thousands of ‘diagnostic’ contact lenses in the office. This gives you the chance to see what wearing contacts is like and allows the doctor to evaluate how specific lens designs perform on your eyes BEFORE lenses are ordered. This greatly reduces the likelihood of problems later on and also allows for modification of lens parameters to maximize contact lens performance and your satisfaction.

We carry many of the top brands of lenses for a full scope of special vision needs such as contact lenses for astigmatism, monovision, bifocal designs, as well as cosmetic and therapeutic tinted lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses. Simply stated, if it’s made, we can get it.

We carry the following brands:

Randy Jackson
Eyecare Business
Wildflower Eyeglasses
Cole Haan
Real Tree
Hello Kitty (children)
Tony Hawk (children)
Acuvue Oasis
Jessica McClintock Eyewear Collection


At Burns Eye Care Associates, our customers and their satisfaction come first. Stop by our location in Lewistown, PA to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members and to get the services and products you need.